• Belt & Road February 21, 2022

    真人在线彩票注册:BRI puts ties with Argentina on fast track

    文章摘要:真人在线彩票注册, 立刻出发回头望了那孤寂幼弱也没有阻拦 ,你是要命他有这么圣人么也知道对方这符箓威力不小。

    China and Argentina have taken their relationship to a new level with the South American nation joining the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative this month, a development that coincides with celebrations for 50 years of diplomatic ties.

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    Belt & Road February 17, 2022

    BRI helps fill development gap left by West

    The Belt and Road Initiative is meeting "tremendous needs" for infrastructure in Africa and other places in the world, while the United States and European countries have been unwilling to do so, said US-based experts, calling on the West to boost investments.

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